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Indian Head

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Tom alexis robert

Indian Head (aluminum) 2012

Name of the work

Indian Head

Dimensions / Weight

26 x 22 x 43 cm / 1 kg 600 g


Aluminum sculpture



Original work



Work supplied with invoice Art and Material and certificate of authenticity


Yes / Punch marking

About the work

"This aluminum work  is now an integral part of my career as an artist, she introduced me to metals "

It is matt silver gray in color and it is signed by punching

Artwork  sold with its certificate


Art and Material delivers its works all over the world through specialized carriers

Free delivery in France


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The Artist


Tom Alexis Robert was born in St-Nazaire in 1992.
It was after having worked on his passion for Fauves by being an animal healer that he left this job in 2017 to devote himself full time to his other passions.

"Already very young, I marveled at all forms of art, architecture, cinema, plastic arts and so many others. A whole condensed creation which awakens the beauty and the imagination."

He discovered by chance aluminum wire and created "Indian Head" in 2012. It was not until 2018 that he started as a sculptor and founded L'Art et la Matière .

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