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 L' Artiste

Tom Alexis Robert was born in St-Nazaire in 1992.
It was after having worked on his passion for Fauves by being an animal healer that he left this job in 2017 to devote himself full time to his other passions.

"Already very young, I marveled at all forms of art, architecture, cinema, plastic arts and so many others. A whole condensed creation which awakens the beauty and the imagination."

He discovered by chance aluminum wire and created "Indian Head" in 2012. It was not until 2018 that he started as a sculptor and founded L'Art et la Matière .


My vision

"I had the chance to appreciate Art very early on, to observe with attention the great works of yesterday  

They always gave me a direct emotion, an emotion that is felt directly in the heart before we even understand it.

It is through the colors, shapes and details that we appreciate or not the work visually, whether abstract or figurative

I think beauty or ugliness can be just as powerful as ideology "

My works

"Art expresses so many things, everything that makes our world is represented.

Beauty has often been criticized, saying that she was "old-fashioned".

Yet it is she who animates me, viscerally. It touches me from the first second and never leaves me.  


It is in all that that I draw my inspiration, I like that one can like my works or not just by discovering them "

Jaguar Tom Alexis Robert

The Jaguar

My journey

"I grew up with nature, it is shown to me in its most beautiful aspects, both by the landscapes surveyed and by the species living there

I have a deep love for the species of the world, some of them have become deeply rooted passion, starting with the Beasts

I worked as an animal healer alongside many different species, wild animals quickly became a consuming passion "

L' Art et la Matière

"I left this job in 2017 to have more time for my other passions, I then created Art and Material in 2018 for my greatest pleasure


This company means a lot to me, it allows me to be an artist and to improve myself constantly, without it, my job would be different


I am committed to providing quality service to my customers, a professional service that guarantees my work as an artist "

l'art et la matiere.jpg

My technique

"I mainly work with metals in the form of wires and particularly like aluminum

In this form, metal is very pleasant to work with. It allows to create voluminous and detailed works "

Meet me

It is difficult to meet me outside the web because I practice my profession through it, by my own way.


You can find me at exhibitions organized by Art and Material or by appointment for any special requests

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