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Art and matter

You will find on this page all the information on Art and Material

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A. Fondateur

"L'Art et la Matière is a company that creates and sells works of art specializing in non-ferrous, common and precious metals.

I have always been fascinated by art and craftsmanship. It is not uncommon today to see the creative part of each person expressed, whatever the field, creativity is everywhere.

To defend what Art represents is to give it back its greatness, to understand that it remains the institution of creativity. "

Tom Alexis ROBERT / Founder

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"I created L'Art et la Matière for several reasons, I wanted to be able to exhibit my work on my own, discuss with my clients in peace and have their direct feedback on my works, I do not regret this choice


There are a lot of artists around the world and each of them has something special.

I am often told that everything has been done in Art, that everything has been seen. Fortunately, I do not agree with this and take great pleasure in seeing creativity emerge in many areas. Much remains to be discovered "



L'Art et la Matière delivers its works internationally through specialized carriers who are experts in their field.

We pay particular attention to our delivery partners to certify you a secure transport of excellence.

Free delivery in metropolitan France

For more information, visit our contact page.


L'Art et la Matière offers you a personalized service according to your needs and your budget.

We will define together the intermediate stages in the purchase of a work, from its design (for tailor-made projects), to its installation in your premises.

We make parts of any size and shape using a wide variety of non-ferrous metals.

By focusing on precious metals and all they represent, we share our passion for the Arts by offering you unique and quality works.


L'Art et la Matière sells its works under contract accompanied by the certificate of authenticity of the work signed by the artist

All works are signed or hallmarked by Tom Alexis Robert

We will accompany your purchase until the arrival of the work in your premises

Le contrat
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