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Goldsmith's Art

"Art has always aroused our passions,

because it can represent all facets of the world.

At a time when new generations are thirsty for diversity and wonder, Tom Alexis Robertsplint, within Art and Matter, 

to bring youworks unique created from noble materials.

    Whether you are a professional or a private individual, we will be able to adapt to offer you the exceptional that represents you."


 Art and Matter


The Artist

White Structure
A. Founder

"I built L'Art et la Matière to create and sell my works of art in peace, to build my own artistic career.

I have always been fascinated by art and craftsmanship. It is not uncommon today to see the creative side of everyone expressing themselves, whatever the field, creativity is everywhere.

To defend what Art represents through a work is to give it back its greatness, it is to understand that it remains the institution of creativity."

Tom Alexis ROBERT / Founding Artist

Artworks Collections

Mentibus Viatores
copper tree
spring bouquet
Mentibus viatores turquoise
blue tree
mentibus viatores saffron

Welcome to

L'Art et la Matière

L'Art et la Matière Tom Alexis Robert

Art and Matteroffers you his works and also responds to private orders according to your desires and your budget.

  We work with all metals, offering you a wide range of possibilities, colors, sizes and shapes.

We only work on original pieces and promise never to reproduce the same work twice.


We will discuss your project together, ensuring that you make it a unique project.

"I created Art and Matter for several reasons.

The first of these is my passion for arts and crafts, it is this passion that drove me to create the concept of Goldsmith's Art.

This marriage between the two represents my work, my outlook and my goals.

It's all the more rewarding to be able to share it directly with my clients!"


Precious metals and precious stones


"I made this choice because they have incredible characteristics for whoever works with them.

For several centuries, they have not ceased to be appreciated by all, both for their magnificence and their rarity.

It is a real privilege to be able to use them on some of my works, they require great technical mastery and a lot of patience."

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Questions ?

Do you have any questions about the work of Tom Alexis Robert? 

Art and Matter will be delighted to provide you with all the answers to these.

We look forward to discussing with you, don't hesitate any longer, we are waiting for you!


4 B Rue du Stade, Grand-Auverné, FRANCE / Tel. +33 621 737 054

Thank you for what you sent !

Marteaux sur rack
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